The 1’s and the 10’s

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Well!! We are dissolved in the planet of Fashion and Technology. To be more specific, in the 10’s planet after Pluto.
Gadgets are being released at faster rates that overcome the speed of light.
It is here that people tend to reverse their directions, completely changing their lifestyle, to modernize themselves and go out for a better look. They are unable to think and categorize 1’s & 10’s which eventually lead them to a virtual life.

Prioritizing needs would help lead a orderly life for the so called 21st Century Citizens. Here Tech & Fashion go hand- in- hand ; if someone is caught neglecting them, then they are designated as strangers in people’s books. People should be in a state of mind to differentiate between starred and unstarred. By this I mean that they should have a categorical mind giving preferences to 1’s & postponing the 10’s.The Tech Savvy culture has greatly degraded the cloud storage of Homo Sapiens(Humans),and Fashion has changed its axis transforming
the Good to Bad and Bad to Good. The above quote is left for the readers to think for themselves as I want them to come to a proper conclusion.

The 1’s depict the most basic and significant things that one needs during his/her Life Span.
The 10’s are the least preferred, that we hardly need to lead a Rhythmic life.
This doesn’t mean that I’m equating Tech & Fashion to the 10’s, but the 10’s are those seconds, minutes, hours, days[TIME] that we spend on them(Tech & Fashion).

Mathematically stating: 10 > 1
Ideally quoting: 1 > 10

This implies that the Rank Order Universally supports 1 to be greater than 10.
So conventionally we have 1’s first and then the 10’s.

I being an Engineering student would ofcourse need that State Of Mind(SOM)
To enhance my skills on minimizing the ‘Valuable Time‘ that is to be spent on gadgets.
#your look does matter #your skill needs flatter. Keeping this in mind I hope you would magnetize these elements to lead a smoother life.