rho-ohm Tech Counting...

rho-ohm Tech Counting…

What according to you is “TIME“? I don’t want you to think what Wiki answers!!

Time is a measurement  that calculates the Past, Present and the Future. It is often referred to exist as a “FOURTH DIMENSION” along with the (x,y,z) axis- 3 Dimensions.

Time cannot flow; but it gets registered in Human’s brain and hence acts as a gaseous matter and it is this fact that People often say “TIME is FLYING“. If TIME doesn’t flow, how is that you measure it? Well you will start off with a hour clock, then to the chronometer, atomic clocks etc.. But it is the exact Counting or Beating of a HEART the very zepto-second(10^24 s) a baby is born alive and pushed in into the incubator.

You normally see your ELDERS stating that your good times have started due to that baby’s birth, haven’t you?

It is Mandatorily stated that time doesn’t exist as a FOURTH DIMENSION but it is a way to REPRESENT and VIRTUALIZE materials and objects as they appear to us.

The “21st century citizens” have their busy schedule that is to be followed everyday without any changes.

When does one find TIME?When he’s not busy!

When is one not busy? That would be a Question left UNANSWERED..

How does one CLASSIFY TIME? There are basically two types of TIME:



The physical time is the time that wakes you up in the morning with an alarm for you to snooze. It is also the time that is measurable in S.I Units(seconds).

The second type which is the philosophical time is the time that travels with you without your knowledge  and makes some changes in your environment as soon as you wish to go Mentally Absent.

People had managed only the PHYSICAL TIME which is nowadays even more DECLINING in nature and they are unaware of their philosophical time

It is stated in the HINDU MYTHOLOGY that great saints who are abound with WISDOM and JUDGEMENT have acquired these abilities by controlling their philosophical time.

In fact they are unaware of their Physical Time as most of it is their past due to vigorous Meditations and Yoga.

This concludes by saying that if people could control their philosophical time with the help of their brain then it would help them reach their goals without any difficulty and at a  faster rate.

They can avoid TENSIONS and FEAR  which is prevalent in most of the CORPORATE LIVES. 

I would end this up by stating one of the greatest Philosophical Quotes by ARISTOTLE which quotes” Time is the most unknown of all unknown things.Time is a measure of motion. All things in time measure all the time”.


3 thoughts on “THE TIME

    its a nice thought to have a different view and interpretation of all things Time;
    Interesting persppective


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