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Conceptual Behavior
Conceptual Behavior

Push & Pull Concept:

Many people have come across the sign boards Front & Back of the doors (PUSH\\mirror\\PULL).

How long have you been following these instructive gestures without hurting yourselves?

When your brain receives a holographic display of these sign,there is an automatic reflex which travels to your nerves (Motor,Sensory  Nerves) producing a variety action resulting into an act opposite to that of what you had thought!!!

This in turn results into a pulling action for a push and vice-versa.

There is not enough time for a person to stop,think-rethink his actions before performing these simplest stunts.

Few of the doors have a one slide motion which strictly follows the PUSH & PULL Concept.It is here that one’s customized action might result into an accident, thereby destroying the door….

People have to construct or manufacture their ideas in order  to adapt to their current situations ensuring a smoother travel without any interferences.

Upgrading soon…