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Digital India is a grand and ambitious initiative of the Government of India to provide a strong relation and integration between their departments and People of India.

This Project-like process which is, in its activation, from 01-07-2015 aims in connecting citizens with the Digital World,promising many features that we(Citizens) require.This helps in reducing a lot of paperwork that leads to their wastage after its sequential use.

Essentially classified into three branches:

1.Digital Infrastructure

2.Digital Services

3.Digital Literacy

Narendra-Modi-Digital-IndiaOh!! Yes.
You get that correct.
The term “DIGITAL” is a recurring word and you would probably see more of it here as well as in the near future.

This Project comprises of various initiatives under the single programme each in a position to prepare India,a knowledge economical country and for bringing THE DIGITAL TREEgood governance to citizens through structured,synchronized and co-ordinated engagement of the entire Government.
The project is slated for completion by 2019.
At the launch ceremony of Digital India Week by Prime Minister Narendra Modiji, top CEOs from India and abroad have agreed to invest Rs 4.5 lakh crore towards this project. The CEOs said the investments would be utilitized towards making smartphones and internet devices at an affordable price in India which would help generate jobs in India as well as reduce the cost of importing them from abroad.

The initiatives that are launched under Prime Minister’s Pet Project “Digital India” helps in the betterment of the people of India.

On the whole, while the intent of the initiative is great, it is riddled with challenges. We will have to wait and watch how fast the government will succeed in fulfilling the dream.People of India are eagerly waiting for this BIG Project to come to its full functionality as soon as possible.

Sincere thanks to Prime Minister Modiji for giving India an entirely new structure, to come up with a healthy competition among the developing countries.


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